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Our expertise is in creating and executing solid investment strategies.
We identify opportunities through extensive due diligence, adding value, managing expectations and in the end generating positive returns for our clients.

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Real Estate Acquisitions

Selecting a real estate asset for investment purposes takes a keen sense for more than just the physical components and features of the property. Extensive due diligence considers not only the required capital improvement investment, but market conditions, operational and financial deficiencies, and opportunities for growth and also the best short- or long-term objectives of the acquisition. Once the asset is acquired, repositioning strategies are identified and implemented that position the property competitively and successfully within the market to maximize revenue and return on investment.

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Construction Management

The success of our new projects is a result of the execution of proven construction management strategies. When starting a new project, we start by selecting experienced building partners that share our vision of innovation and commitment to quality construction. Once a team is selected, we begin the planning process that serves as the roadmap for the project taking into consideration communication, risk management, technology, and software as well as flexibility for changes. We realize scheduling affects costs and our management team is regularly monitoring progress for optimization and potential realignment of expectations.

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Asset Management

The strength in any real estate investment is a result of the successful management of the asset on a day to day basis. We have a joint venture partnership with M2 Property Group based in the Chicagoland area with regional offices in Michigan. Michael Klein and Max Levin, co-founders of M2 RE Group, have extensive experience in multifamily, senior housing and care communities, commercial and retail management. Their areas of expertise are in turnaround projects that add value to an asset not only through capital improvements but also the implementation of best practices that maximize the operations with minimal investment. M2 Property Group is a company of high integrity and their results are reflected in their strong leadership and work ethic, nurturing team culture, and commitment to excellence through meticulous attention to detail. M2 Property Group utilizes software platforms that provide the latest in technology for optimum use and access by both employees, residents, and commercial tenants. These factors along with their hands-on approach, ownership mindset and dedication for success make for a solid partnership and model for growth with Loop Investments.


We take a comprehensive approach and have an integrated team when it comes to real estate development with expertise in commercial and retail projects. Our strategies include: Land development potential Investment potential and objectives Feasibility Studies Understanding investment options and risks: Core, Core Plus, Value Add and Opportunistic Branding